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When a young person starts to toy with Nyquil, it can go unnoticed at first. But while the signs of Nyquil abuse may be visible to others after some time, it can be difficult for the abusers to actually accept that they need help. By this, it can be understood to mean that regular abuse of Nyquil can cause physical dependence as well as lead to addiction.

Nyquil is a freely available and convenient over the counter medication that does not require a prescription from a health care provider to obtain. In addition, it is cheap to buy across the country. If you take this medicine in the way that has been directed by your personal health care provider, then you will receive the right therapeutic benefits from it. However, continuous misuse or abuse can result in Nyquil addition.

Nyquil Abuse

Nyquil contains DXM, which is a chemical substance found in over a hundred OTC medicines used for the treatment of colds and coughs. DXM has been used in these medications since the 1970’s. Nevertheless, this drug has also been found in a number of other drugs where is has had consequences on the user’s central nervous system. Nyquil is also known to contain acetaminophen as one of its key active ingredients. There is a slight alcohol content present in Nyquil too making Nyquil abuse much more prevalent.

Because of these powerful ingredients, Nyquil can induce addiction in regular users. When used in high amounts, Nyquil can generate a high that is akin to that of DMX or PCP. Nevertheless, when taken according to the recommendations of a health care provider, the DMX present in Nyquil is harmless and effective in suppressing coughs.

While alcohol is included as a moderate sedative in Nyquil, the chances of a person developing physical dependency on the doses that are recommended by the health care provider are small. To start with, the alcohol content present is not enough to generate dependency.

Next, it is known that alcohol doesn’t trigger dependency, except for cases where the user is susceptible to the condition (such as when the person comes from a background where cases of drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent). Thirdly, the alcohol present in this drug is in its inactive form.

Any medicine that works by altering the functioning of the central nervous system can be abused and consequently result in addiction. The initial step on the road to Nyquil abuse is normally taking the drug for non-therapeutic purposes to get a euphoric feeling. As a result, addiction starts to appear and with persistent use, a person can suffer severe addiction that can be characterized by a number of dangerous health complications.

The risk for Nyquil abuse is more if you have a family medical history of alcoholism or drug abuse and addiction. In addition, Nyquil abuse and addiction is associated with a certain age group and is widespread among teenagers and young adults.

Nyquil abuse or addiction is a condition that is recognized by professional health care providers as well as treatment specialists, so find help as soon as possible if you are affected.

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